Summary description

The following FHIR profiles are used to form the Your Message:

Your message name data item mapping to FHIR profiles

The example message data items are fulfilled by elements within the FHIR resources listed below:

DM Data Item FHIR resource element Mandatory/Required/Optional
Local Patient Identifier CareConnect-DM-Patient-1.identifier (localIdentifier) Mandatory
Town of Birth CareConnect-DM-Patient-1.birthPlace Required
Country of Birth CareConnect-DM-Patient-1.birthPlace Required
Communication Preference CareConnect-DM-Patient-1.telecom.system Required
Patient email address CareConnect-DM-Patient-1.telecom.value Required
Ethnicity CareConnect-DM-Patient-1.ethnicCategory Required
Religion CareConnect-DM-Patient-1.religiousAffiliation Required
Marital Status CareConnect-DM-Patient-1.maritalStatus Required
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